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BOC is funded through the support of people like yourself who give to something that they believe can have an impact on our cities and helping people. For more info on giving, contact us via our contact page by clicking here.

BOC as an organization believes that all lives matter. One is not better than the other. Equality should be at the same level for all people as well as respect and honor for one another.

BOC supports communities, municipalities, police departments, churches and other agencies all over the country.

BOC advocates renewing cities for equality of all people. Its focus is educating and empowering people and cities to proactively identify conditions, determine the problems, and develop and implement solutions that brings about trust and building relationships. It reaches out to all sectors in collaborating together and having unity.

BOC has a team of well experienced leadership staff and speakers who have actually lived their lives growing up in racism and injustice. They have now taken what they have learned through life experience as well as educational experience to proactively promote understanding of unity and relationship building that help to transform lives.

BOC is committed to helping renew our cities for equality in a proactive way. BOC believes that there is injustice and racism in our country, cities, and communities which need to change but with change comes a desire to understand one another and learn from one another, not forgetting the struggles and challenges that have gone before us.