Our Management Team

We believe in collaboration.

Robert Whitt III


Bob Whitt is the Founder of Building On Collaboration. He is a High-level expert with deep experience in city and regional development across public and nonprofit sectors relating the collaboration of Law Enforcement and Communities Through Racial Reconciliation, as a convener and strategist.

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Dino Heckermann


Dino Heckermann is a Chicago native; his law enforcement career began in 1989 with the Streamwood Police Department as a police cadet, sworn in as a police officer in 1991, proudly served as a police patrol Sergeant, retired in 2018. In 1995, two senior police officers introduced Dino to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

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Meet Albert R. Keating

Albert had been in the helping profession for over 30 years and was in private practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Keating has an extensive history working with Emergency Responders in many facets of mental health. Prior to returning to graduate work, he was also a suburban Police Officer and had served six years in the ARMY as a Military Policeman.

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