building on collaboration

Who we are?

Building On Collaboration is an organization that works to be an advocate for the renewing of cities for equality. We focus on educating and empowering people to develop and implement solutions that build trust and collaboration amongst the various facets of our community.

The Culture of Honor

Excerpt from book: Culture of Honor is treating another person as you would want to be honored and treated. That’s the basis of what that means. Its foundation is built on your values in honoring and recognizing your true acknowledgment of people and what they have done that has made an impact on you and others. Honor creates life-giving promoting relationships. In other words, it acknowledges who people are and how we should see the best in them. Culture of Honor is not something that is earned because it should be a part of our lifestyle. There’s a price to pay when you honor because honor requires humility to honor someone without looking for that same honor to be given to you. Honor is one of the most vital core values for creating a safe place where people can be free in who they are. Honor protects the value that people have for those who are different than they are. This is called, creating space for grace.

The Word “Culture”

Excerpt from book:The word culture requires you to change how you think about people as you would yourself. It’s deciding to be honorable to others. You can do honorable acts and that has its place at times but true culture is how you think, how you view the world and how you view yourself. Valuing people that you may not agree with at times, likewise them not agreeing with you at times. The reward is great because when you honor you give it away freely.